General Law

What is general law?
Common-law legal system forms a major part of the law of many countries, especially in countries which are former colonies or territories of Britain. He is famous because there are unwritten laws (non-statutory) which reflects a broad consensus judgments with a history of centuries by the juris.
What law is used in Indonesia?
The law in Indonesia is a mixture of European law legal system, law Religion and Customary law. Most of the adopted system, both civil and criminal, based on continental European law, particularly from the Netherlands because of aspects of past history of Indonesia which is a colony known as the Dutch East Indies (Nederlandsch-Indie). Religious law, because most of Indonesian people embraced Islam, then the domination of Islamic Shari'a law, or more particularly in the areas of marriage, kinship and inheritance. In addition, Indonesia also apply customary law system is absorbed in legislation or jurisprudence, which is a continuation of the local rules of society and cultures that exist in the archipelago.