Areas of Practice

Our partners and lawyers previously performed legal services to our clients in various projects involving local companies, public company, multinational corporation, and state-owned companies, in the area of investments, banking, plantation, capital market, restructuring for any purposes, merger and acquisition, debt or loan facility, labor  and land disputes.

Due to confidential arrangements that we have with our clients, please kindly note that some legal services rendered by our firm disclosed hereunder are public information only and therefore do not indicate entire cases or projects previously involved and assisted.

We previously involved in projects and cases as follows:

  1. Coal and gold mining

    We provided services to conduct legal due diligence to a local coal company group in supporting its coal business activities and provided additional services to obtain mining permits and use permit approvals for forest areas and also prepare document for acquisition of coal concession.
    We provided assistances, advice and documentation of restructuring outer boundaries for a gold mining foreign investment company during pre-operation periods and provide legal due diligence for land inventories.

  2. Forestry and plantation

    We assisted publicly listed company in land verification, mapping and restructuring boundaries of its plantation area in order to resolve overlapping issues.

  3. Banking and Multi financing

    We performed legal services for syndication loan between banks and telecommunication companies by preparing the syndication loan documents.
    We also performed additional legal services for the client in registration process for writing off client’s uncollectible receivables.

  4. Properties

    We acted as an independent counsel for publicly listed company during debt restructuring and assets swaps by providing legal opinion to the transactions.

  5. Capital Markets

    We acted as independent counsel by providing legal due diligence and legal opinion for numerous investment fund transactions conducted by state owned, private and foreign investment management companies.

  6. Industrial relations

    We provided numerous legal services for clients mostly foreign companies to solve industrial relation issues usually in relation to any corporate actions previously conducted by the clients.

  7. Mergers and acquisitions

    We provided assistances and prepare documentations for local and foreign companies in acquisitions in various industries and fields such as mining, plantations, television media, pharmaceutical (as co-legal counsel for global merger and acquisitions) properties, oil services and manufacturing.

  8. Civil, industrial relations and bankruptcy procedures

    Despite only few and selected clients benefit our services in civil and bankruptcy procedures, we occasionally represented our clients in courts for any civil cases, industrial relation disputes, and bankruptcy through legal procedures in Indonesia jurisdictions.